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Gosh!  The Misfits & The Necros playing on Christmas!
I can't think of a better present!  I got to the
club and there was Henry doing warmup exercises!
Gosh!  Black Flag was here to do an unannounced
set!  It started with "Clocked In" and some other
old & new songs... I saw Black Flag last summer
with Dez on vocals and didn't think they were
that great, but Henry adds a lot to the band
with his intense & psychotic behavior.  He paced
the stage like a caged animal, yelling, breathing
heavily, glaring into the crowd with a look of
desperation.  But the only thing that bothered
me was that Henry was singing someone else's
lyrics.  If he's got the straight edge (no alcohol
or drugs) what's he doing singing "Six Pack?"...
The Necros were great tonight, but you know
that already.  Lots of fun live, they did stuff
off their two EPs plus new songs like "Raw To
The Bone" & "Bad Dream."  Corey swayed back &
forth, slinging his bass around and almost
----------------------?----------------- the
place, Brian played his guitar, and Todd did a
good job on an unsteady drum riser.  When it was
over we yelled for more, but the DJ played
"Dancing With Myself" which made all the new
wavers happy... it was just past midnight when
the DJ music & lights went off.  Four dark
figures slithered onstage, black eyes staring
from out of death-like faces, searching for
warm-blooded victims in the young virgin
audience.  The Misfits dug into "Halloween."
For The Misfits it was still Halloween.  Jerry
Only's bass began to malfunction and by the
end of the song there was a pile of
twisted plastic & charred wires at this feet.
They did old & new material - "Bullet," "Vampira,"
"Hate Breeders," "Teenagers From Mars," etc.
Glenn Danzig's new haircut & sinister smile
made him look just like a rat.  The set ended
when all of Jerry and Doyle's guitars were gone.
I walked out to my car and two cop cars
raced by chasing each other, one of them
playing the "Lone Ranger Theme" on his radio.