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        The Misfits

	The Misfits are one of the most important bands of the American
Punk/Hardcore explosion.  Formed in 1977 by Lordi, New Jersey bassist
Jerry Only and vocalist Glenn Danzig, the band's debut release was the
legendary 7-inch single "Cough/Cool."  From 1978 through 1983, the Misfits
released numerous singles, EPs, a live album (Evil Live) and two 
full-length LPs (Walk Among Us and Earth A.D.).  When they called it quits
following a Halloween gig in 1983, the Misfits left behind a legacy of
ghoulish makeup, guitars that looked like weapons, and ultra-fast
punk-rock songs that celebrated alien invasions, demonic possession,
dismemberment, and cannibalism.
	In the twelve years that followed, the Misfits had become one of
the most-collected rock groups ever.  Metallica cited them as a major
influence, recorded a cover of "Last Caress/Green Hell" and subsequently
introduced the band to legions of new fans.  Misfits' covers were also
recorded by Soundgarden and Guns n' Roses, and two recent tribute albums
(the American Violent World and the Swedish Hell on Earth) were also
	In 1995, Jerry reformed the band with longtime Misfits guitarist
and younger brother, Doyle, and Dr. Chud, the Cannibalistic Humanoid
Underground Drummer (who graduated from Lodi High School with Doyle in
1982).  Taking over lead vocals was 24-year-old Michael Graves, whose
voice, range, and energy, usurped Danzig's role in the original formation.
	In 1997, Geffen Records signed the new line up to a recording
contract and the Misfits released American Psycho, incorporating the new
material into their hyperactive live sets.  Tracked at Dreamland Recording
Studios with Producer Daniel Vey, American Psycho is another powerful
testament to the Misfits' cult status as progenitors of modern thrash
metal.  Longtime followers of the band have noted that the Misfits seem to
have picked up right where they left off with Walk Among Us and Earth A.D.
in the mid 1980s.