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DOO-WOP, p.14-15, 1982


     How many writers have to face the reality that a unfavorable
review/story about an assigned band could mean certain death?  Not too
many these days, of boring bands and still more boring gigs.  Lets face
it, the Misfits add an aura of excitement to everything they do, Misfits
shows, wherever they happen are thrilling events, one could almost say
an evening in hell!

     I'm pleased to say (thankfull is a better word, as I value my life)
that the S.F. Misfits shows lived up to my best and worst expectations.

     Anyone familiar with the Misfits early singles or the Beware the
Misfits EP should know that the band now boast 2 fairly new members.
Doyle, the guitarist is best described as crazed.  He plays guitar with a
vengeance almost as if he'd like to kill the audience.

      Arthur is as strong a drummer as Doyle a guitarist yet his friendly
"nice guy" appearance kind of throws your off.  To the unsuspecting, he
almost seems a misfit among misfits yet he hits the band as if he were born
into it.

     Jerry Only's relentless bass provides the drawing force sound that
"makes" the Misfits.  His side of the stage holds a brooding, demonic
presence, the 1st Rockstar from hell.

     Glenn Danzig provides the lyrical accompanyment to this unusual
foursome.  He's a convincing singer with more moves than a waring blender-
and more cutting edge as well.  On and Off stage Glenn is a smart ass, the
biting sarcasm an evident in his songs is his most notable characteristic,
mostly because it's not a facade.

     Altogether the Misfits are lotsa fun.  Anyone who missed last November's
On Broadway and Sound of Music shows to see X or Black Flag, missed an
experience.  Far from the M.O.R., the Misfits are not for those with weak

     If you have any sense of adventure catch them next time - or DIE!

     Words by Kierst- Pics by Sara

Releases by The Misfits

Bullet                Single
Horror Business       Single
Halloween Pts 1&2     Single
Three Hits From Hell  Single
Beware the Misfits    EP

All Available from Plan 9 records
[article also includes pictures of each band member with their names, listed