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#/date       Vocals        Bass         Drums         Guitar
1-6/77-?/77  Glenn Danzig  Jerry Only   Manny
2-?/77-1/78  Glenn Danzig  Jerry Only   Manny         Franche' Coma
3-1/78-11/78 Glenn Danzig  Jerry Only   Mr.Jim        Franche' Coma
4-11/78-?/80 Glenn Danzig  J.Only       Joey Image    Bobby Steele
5-?/80       Glenn Danzig  J.Only       Arthur Googy  B.Steele
6-10/80-1982 Glenn Danzig  J.Only       Arthur Googy  Doyle
7-1982-9/83  Glenn Danzig  J.Only       Robo          Doyle
8-10/31/83   Glenn Danzig  J.Only       Brian Damage  Doyle

        In the 60's when people noticed that the hippy/psychedelic era 
sucked there was the Stooges-the original shock rockers. In the 70's 
when people noticed that disco sucked there was Alice Cooper and later 
Black Flag. It was time for a new scene all together. A scene that 
would change punk rock forever. That scene originated from the mind-
warping, violent hardcore stylings of The Misfits!! Brainchild of 
madman, Glenn Danzig, who did all the songwriting and almost all of the 
	In June of 1977, Danzig and Jerry Caiafa met through a mutual 
friend named Manny Martinez and formed the Misfits. After the release 
of their first(and by far the worst) record, Cough/Cool, they found a 
guitarist named Franche Coma. They were offered 30 hours of recording 
studio time when Manny bailed. They got Mr.Jim from Whodat and Boojang 
and released their second effort, Bullet. This is when Jerry started 
using the name Jerry Only.
        After that, Franche' Coma left because of tour-fobia. Soon after, 
Mr.Jim left as well and that's when they got their buddy, Bobby Steele 
to play guitar and Joey Image to play drums. Horror Business would be 
the forth-coming classic 7" and scene. This is when the horror 
obsession caught up with them and the crimson ghost possessed their 
records. The devilocks were mere bangs but they were there. 
	After a cancelled tour of England, Joey Image left the band and 
they released Night of the Living Dead. They released Beware, their 
first 12" release, in January of 1980. They now had a following called 
the Fiend Club and a new drummer called Arthur Googy. In 1980, Bobby 
Steele was getting fucked up on drugs and alcohol and stopped showing 
up to practices. This could not be tolerated so they kicked him out and 
he immediately started the Undead. They let Jerry's little brother, 
Paul Caiafa (aka Doyle) in the band to play guitar.  He attracted 
chicks and his head attracted beer cans. 
	Doyle played his first Misfits show on Halloween of 1980. They 
continually played shows and released records until 1982 when the first 
album was released. Walk Among Us is STILL a big success especially 
among the punks. They released it on Ruby/Slash instead of their own 
Plan9 label. Slash set up a tour of California.
	One night, a classic incident happened at one of their gigs. In 
SF, On Broadway, somebody kept throwing beer cans at Doyle's head. A 
few were full. After they played "We Are 138" with Henry Rollins 
singing backup, they got fed up. Googy and manager, Rocky Caiafa jumped 
into the crowd to get the guy. Doyle made a failed attempt at pulling 
him towards the stage with his guitar and ended up breaking it over his 
head. He was walked out the backdoor by the pigs.
        So the Misfits kept touring when one night at McDonald's, Glenn 
and Goggy got in a fight. Googy wanted two cheeseburgers and Glenn said 
one because they were low on cash. It ended up being bigger than it 
needed to be and Arthur left the Misfits.
	Black Flag drummer, Robo, was looking for a band and the Misfits 
were looking for a drummer. In 1983, a deadlier, bloodier, speedier, 
hardcorer album was released. This classic was called Earth A.D./Wolfs 
Blood and it brought hardcore to a new level. Sooner or later it was 
time for Robo to get into a fight with Glenn and leave the band. Since 
they were long fed up with going from drummer to drummer for 7 years, 
and since Jerry and Glenn stopped getting along, they did their 
farewell show in Michigan.
        The last song the Misfits ever played was "Night of the Living 
Dead". The next day, they drove home in Jerry's car and the Misfits 
sadly died. Glenn went on to form another bloody hardcore band called 
Samhain and later Danzig. Jerry and Doyle went on to form metal band 
Kryst the Conquerer and later the Newfits' AMERICAN PSYCHO era. But 
don't worry, their spinal remains are still available in stores 
everywhere. I suggest getting COLLECTION 1 since everybody already has