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[This interview took place on 10/19/82.]

Tuesday, October 19th--Finder's Lounge

(This was supposed to be a formal interview, but due to circumstances beyond
my control, it turned into a brief post-show chat.  So this will be more of a
review than an interview...Oh, Well!)

At first glance, one might think that The Misfits would be classified under
that old-age expression, "Four guys you wouldn't want to meet in a dark
alley."  Actually, they are all very nice fellows (now you're getting it
first-hand, remember).  Glen Danzing, the vocalist, was most friendly and
cooperative in the "chat" we had.

Glen's a very accomplished musician.  "I can play everything!" he says with a
nonchalant tinge of pride, claiming responsibility for ALL the songs.  For
those of you who couldn't make out the words (that being all of you), they
are all about ugly monsters and mad scientists and vampires and homicidal
maniacs.  They have a strict "no politics" attitude.  "If you want
politics--go talk to the governor or someone," says Danzing.  Where did the
"image" come from? one might ask--and I did.  "It just happened," he said.
"Jerry Only and I met in New York about 4-5 years ago and we found we had the
same interests, not only in music but in all the lore that goes along with
our show.  We then started the band and it just stuck."  I can see that.  The
Misfits have a single out called "Beware" and my sources tell me that it's
excellent.  Also, their latest album "Walk Among Us," deserves a listen.

And now for anyone who missed the show (shame on you), I shouldn't even tell
you about it just on principal (you've probably heard about it
already--Chris, it seems like it was a year ago), but I will anyway, because
I guess it's my duty.....HA!

Their power was overwhelming--or should I say their volume.  "Room's too
small," says Danzing, "We've got four more cabs in the truck (speaker
cabinets)." The visuals were mesmerizing.  Danzing literally stretching his
vocal cords for every word, down on his knees most of the time, singing every
word at the audience, trying to involve them as much as possible.  Doyle, a
tall muscular, primitive-looking creature, hunched over his guitar like a
wounded little animal, rarely letting a split second of silence creep out of
his amp (before, after and during songs).

Robo, recently recruited from Black Flag (as I'm sure you already know),
pounded out precise meter--despite the fuck-ups from not quite knowing the
songs yet.  All the time sustaining the most intense, almost frightening look
on his face.  And of course, everyone's favorite, Jerry Only, on Bass.  Rumor
has it that he threatened anyone who attempted any more stage dives.
(Probably would have just bitten off a limb or two!)  One couldn't help but
be reminded of a Hard Core Gene Simmons (come on now, you know who Gene
Simmons is).  A huge, frightening-looking person (the make-up helped) who
seemed to be perpetually angry on stage.  Either that or he was just trying
to scare someone...I couldn't really decide, but on either count, he
succeeded!  The show was most entertaining from both a slammer's point of a
view and a watcher's point of view.  (I happen to believe that you don't have
to slam to prove you're not gay!)

Necros (an excellent--EXCELLENT band, according to Danzing) failed to show
due to circumstances that were NOT beyond their control.  It seems the
combination of the two bands post-mortem fetish was just too much for them,
so they decided to dig up a few skulls from a graveyard before the
show....needless to say, they got caught.  (Remember--this is first hand!)
The Misfits had bail and the Necros didn't!

JESUS CHRIST--THESE GUYS ARE FOR REAL!!!!!  All of them are obsessed with
life beyond the crypt and all the good stuff.  I suppose being old horror
flick fanatics has something to do with it.  "Bloodfeast" one of Danzing's
favorite movies, is now the first of two.  "Bloodfeast II" is now in the
works and the soundtrack will be blessed by the writing and playing talents
of--you guessed it--The Misfits.  The film is coming out of California (where
else) and should be ready this summer or thereabouts, so keep an eye out for
it.  And, of course, they will be recording again in the future.  My guess is
that there might be a soundtrack to the film available soon.

Danzing also promised me that they will definitely visit Florida again
sometime in the near future.  Danzing has a "play everywhere" policy that I
find rather noble.   "There's fuck-all money in it, but I love it!" he says
with a broad smile.  Check out their records, if you haven't already, and
don't miss them next time if you missed them this time.

(While I'm here and you're reading this, I would like to thank Sol at
Finder's for the good booking and David Camp - he insists that he doesn't
deserve credit, the modest guy - and Sol again for bringing us U.K. Subs
in January [Look on the back cover, stupid!]).  Don't miss that, 
whatever you do!

By Mike