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CENTRE DAILY TIMES, 9/5/97 p. 3c


   Punk rockers The Misfits act up at Crowbar Tuesday with Marky
   Ramone and the Intruders, Maximum Penalty

   by Anthony Miccio
   For the Times

   The legendary punk band The Misfits comes to the Crowbar this Tuesday.
Reuniting in 1996 after a 14-year hiatus, the band has overcome the odds by
releasing "American Psycho," an excellent album that equals their early
'80s work work (even though they have a new lead singer and drummer).  The
show, their second at the Crowbar, promises to please longtime fans and
newcombers alike.
   The band (which started more than 20 years ago) became an underground
sensation in the '80s thanks to classic albums like "Walk Among Us" and the
recently released "Static Age" (formerly available as a bootleg).  Songs
like "Attitude" and "Last Caress" have survived well into the '90s due to a
bevy of compilations released over the years and bands like Metallica and
Bratmobile who covered some of their finest songs.
   There aren't a lot of bands that can make it with two different lead
singers (Van Halen, Genesis and... Van Halen?), but "American Psycho," which
replaces the infamous Glenn Danzig with newcomer Michale Graves, places
The Misfits on that short list.  New songs like "Shining," "Day Of The Dead"
and "The Hunger" sound just as sharp as 1979's "Where Eagles Dare."
   Don't even attempt to categorize The Misfits' reunion as another Eagles/
Fleetwood Mac moneyfest.  These guys are back for good.  "(American Psycho)
is really our first album," said bassist Jerry Only.  "We've got a new singer
who's 22 and has a lot of stamina.  We're playing over 50 songs a night and
only a few of them are old classics.  We actually want to put out three
albums really quickly.  We've got over 20 brand new songs on our set right
   The band began in 1977 with the 7-inch single "Cough/Cool."  At that time
the band featured Danzig, Only and drummer Manny, but no guitarist.  That
situation was quickly resolved, and the band continued with drummers coming
and going at a fantastic speed (the guitarist spot has been filled by Only's
younger brother Doyle since 1980).
   The band's self-owned record company changed its name from Blank to Plan 9
in 1978 (Pere Ubu had the rights to the name) and the group released two
albums, "Walk Among Us" and "Earth A.D./Wolfsblood," along with a live record
and a number of EPs and singles.
   The band broke up in 1983, with Danzig leaving to start the underrated
Samhain and later hit the big time when he formed the group Danzig.  With the
band's name tied up in a lawsuit for five years, Jerry and Doyle recorded an
album under the name Kryst the Conqueror (which remains unreleased).  They
finally got the rights to the name in January 1995.  After nine month of
rehearsing, the band returned on Halloween of that year, with new singer
Graves and drummer Dr. Chud.  The band has been touring since last year,
while Caroline Records released a box set of early material and Geffen
Records signed them to a recording contract.
   The band played at the Crowbar last October, impressing those who were
wary about the rueunion.  "It was a great show and could tell they tried
hard.  Definitely an acceptable substitute for the original band," said
Misfits fan Andrew Porter.
   Having ended a stint opening for Megadeth last Sunday, the Misfits are
eager to headline shows again.  "We're a headlining band," said Only.  "We
have no business opening for anyone else."
   When freed of time constraints, Misfits' concerts can last long into the
night with enough songs to fill a boxed set.  Still raising hell 20 years
after they started, the Misfits prove that time won't slow you down unless
you let it.

   Who:  The Misfits with Marky Ramone & the Intruders and Maximum Penalty
   Where: Crowbar, 420 E. College Ave.
   When: Doors open at 8 p.m. Tuesday.
   Tickets: $12 in advance; $14 at door.

   Photo / Frank White
   Bad boys: The Misfits will return Tuesday night to Crowbar.

[Creepy crooners: Michale Graves, above, left, Dr. Chud, Doyle Wolfgang Von
 Frankenstein and Jerry Only and the punk band The Misfits.  The band will
 play Tuesday night at Crowbar.  They will be joined by Marky Ramones & The
 Intruders, below, and Maximum Penalty.]