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				Media Communique

The Misfits' Bio

Glenn Danzig, singer/songwriter and visual director of the MISFITS, 
originally came up with the idea for band in early 1977.  Unfortunately 
he couldn't find anyone interested in playing "kick-ass music".  So, with 
a background in playing rock 'n roll since "about the time I was thirteen 
years old" he came up with the first MISFITS incarnation: a bass player 
and drummer plus himself on electric piano through fuzz box.  The first 
of a series of independently produced singles resulted, "She/Cough 
Cool".  Two months later "Franche Coma" was added on guitar and the band, 
consisting of Jerry Only on bass and Mr. Jim on drums, began playing the 
East Coast circuits.  Almost from the start, the group met with 
enthusiastic local response and took off in early '78.  Blank Records 
(home of debut LPs by PERE UBU and SUICIDE COMMANDOS) financed recording 
of a complete album.  But, before release, Blank was dropped by the great 
corporate structure of Polygram, went out-of-biz, and the masterpiece 
known as "Bullet" with such gems as "Static Age", "Static Age", "TV 
Casualty", "Theme for a Jackal" were left moldering on the shelf.  Not 
the kind of guys to be left in the ruins of someone else's poor business 
planning, the MISFITS remixed four tunes "Bullet", "We Are 138", 
"Attitude", and "Hollywood Babylon" then released an EP June '78 called 
"Better DDead on Red".  The initial pressing of 5000 sold out with 
virtually no publicity, near non-existant distribution and only a strong 
word-of-mouth to carry the torch.  Audience size tripled and pandemonium 
resulted at nearly every show.  CBGB's judged them too violent and they 
were banned from Max's in early '79.  Howeverlucrative gigs continued at 
Hurrah's and Irving Plaza.  With Bobby Steele now on guitar, two more EPs 
followed: "Horror Business/Teenagers from Mars/Children in Heat" in June 
'79 and "Night of the Living Dead/Where Eagles Dare/Rat Fink" Halloween 
'79.  In November the MISFITS flew to the UK to accompany the DAMNED on 
tour.  They got a great reception, things were going full speed ahead 
with plans for a tour with the CLASH when drummer Joey Image up and split 
for home in the middle of one stormy night without a word to anyone.  
Undaunted, Glenn hustled UK based Armageddon Records into releasing a 12" 
EP called Beware with tracks culled from the "Better Dead on Red" and 
"Horror Business" sessions.  Plans for an album were scraped in the 
summer of '80 when Armageddon began treading shaky financial ground and 
the group still hadn't found a drummer.  Here at the office (what was 
then also Slash Magazine) rumours of a break-up were constantly bandied 
about.  The MISFITS kept a low profile, cleaning house with Bobby Steele 
kicked out for playing "too wimpy and slow".  Jerry's younger brother 
Doyle took over on guitar with Arthur Googy filling in on drums.  April 
of '81 saw the release of yet another EP "3 Hits from Hell" with "London 
Dungeon/Goul's Night Out/Horror Hotel:, a solo single in September by 
Glenn "Who Killed Marilyn/Spook City USA" and "Halloween" released on 
Halloween.  The MISFITS continue to "scare the shit out of the audience" 
in diverse hardcore venues in NYC, Hoboken, Boston, Philadelphia, 
Baltimore, Washington DC, Detroit, and Chicago but have rarely been 
spottedd west of the pecos.  This situation will soon be remidied by 
appearances with another Ruby Records artist FLESH EATERS April 9th in 
L.A. (at an as yet undisclosed location) and the Elite Club in San 
Francisco Saturday, April 10th.  "You know people ask us about this 
horror stuff," says Glenn, "We really like horror movies.  But people 
think we're making all this up.  We're not.  It's out there.  Everyday's 
a horror to me." Ruby Records flew Glenn out in early January.  With him 
came the multi-track tapes for THE MISFITS "Walk Among Us".  Chris D. 
(FLESH EATERS) sequestered himself in Quad Teck Studio with Glenn and 
engineer Pat Brunette.  This debut LP was the result.