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BECKETT HOCKEY COLLECTOR, January 1999, pages 2-3


     Ask any Rangers fan their pet peeve.  After mentioning the team's
inability to score, most would profess to being bugged at how many teams
have co-opted their famous "Let's Go Rangers" chant.
     Enter John Cafiero, a New York-based video producer best known for
his recent work with horror punk legends, The Misfits.
     "I had done some work for the Knicks, and got to talking to the
Rangers," Cafiero says.  "The idea was to create a punk rock interpolation
of the main lyric from the old military cadence 'Airborne Ranger.'  I 
wrote a completely new tune with a Ramones feel that would house the
main lyric, 'I wanna be a New York Ranger, I wanna have a life of
     Conflicting interests put the project no the back burner for a year,
but the team was persistent.
     "I mentioned it to [The Misfits].  We decided to get together and
jam on the song, then record it," Cafiero says.  "My intention was for
the Rangres to hear how great the Misfits would sound performing on the 
     When Misfits vocalist Michale Graves couldn't make the final 
recording session, Cafiero leapt into the breach.  The result was 
classic Fits: a minute-and-a-half of hookladen power punk, perfect
for revving up a crowd.
     The Rangers were pleased.  "They love the song," Cafiero says.
"We're in negotiations right now."
     Although the band has discussed issuing the song as a single, that
released ultimately depends on the talks with the team.  In the meantime,
Cafiero says a few promotional copies have been pressed to spread the 
word to the faithful.  If you aren't lucky enough to score one of the 
those, the song can be downloaded now from the official Misfits website