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American Psycho (1997)
Geffen GED 24939
Ahh...who amongst the fiends and ghouls of punk music does not like the 
legendary Misfits? Even having split years ago, their revered music 
lives on in the hearts (and CD players) of countless punk fans. Like 
they say, the spirit of demons, ghosts and aliens never dies. That 
probably brought about the rebirth of the Misfits (rejoice everyone!) 
offering with them, an entirely new conjuration (about time too! I'm 
awfully sick of the same old compilations!). It's relieving to hear that 
Misfits have kept most of their original sound intact. With yesterday's 
melodies and today's production, this disc is set for the kill. 
Opening with the doomsday anthem, "Abominable Dr. Phibes", the mood is 
set for the arrival of Misfit's first song, "American Pyscho". Yes, the 
familiar, carefree ravings of the band rang out loud and clear. Michale 
Graves, successor of former Misfits vocalist, Glenn Danzig, carried his 
role well. I am convinced. Misfits stalks the earth once more and is 
here to stay. With sixteen fiendish songs (excluding the intro), it is 
easy to wallow in the exuberant tunes of "Speak of the Devil", "From 
Hell They Came", "Dig Up Her Bones", "Resurrection" and hordes of 
Even if you aren't a fan of punk music, this release is really worth the 
buck, and who knows? It might even do some converting. Its simple, yet 
amazingly sincere brand of music contains innumerable sing-alongs whose 
appeal won me over almost instantly. Needless to say this release is 
absolutely essential for the blood-thirsty punk fan (save your money on 
corpse paint and buy this disc!). 
Punk Rock Chart Rating : 9.0 
Review by Jason Goh