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* The Misfits originally formed as a band in New Jersey in 1977.

* After releasing two full albums and a ton of now-hard-to-find singles, the
  band up in 1983.

* Bands such as Metallica and Guns N' Roses have covered Misfits tunes.  Rob
  Zombies says if it wasn't for the Misfits, White Zombies wouldn't exist!

* The Misfits reformed 1984 with found member Jerry Only (bass), Doyle
  (guitar), who was thef inal guitarist in the band before the 1983 breakup,
  and the new members Michale Graves (vocals) and Dr. Chud (drums).

* "American Psycho" is the band's first release of all new material in 13

* The album was produced by Daniel Rey (who's worked with the Ramones) and
  features the sing-along melodies, punk rock fervor and ghoulish themes that
  have always been the band's trademarks.

       1. Abominable Dr. Phibes 1:42      10. This Island Earth 2:15
       2. American Psycho 2:06            11. Crimson Ghost 2:01
       3. Speak Of The Devil 1:48         12. Day Of The Dead 1:50
       4. Walk Among Us 1:23              13. The Haunting 1:26
       5. The Hunger 1:43                 14. Mars Attacks 2:28
       6. From Hell They Came 2:16        15. Hate The Living, Love The
       7. Dig Up Her Bones 3:00               Dead 1:37
       8. Blacklight 1:27                 16. Shining 2:59
       9. Resurrection 1:30               17. Don't Open 'Til Doomsday 2:38

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