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     A few months ago in AP, Glenn Danzig and friends went on about how
big punk reunions (the Sex Pistols were mentioned) are pathetic and
artistically empty. The secret subtext could well have been this Misfits
reunion sans Danzig, the band's first new record since 1983.
     The title track in return, while nodding to the Bret Easton Ellis
serial-killer novel, may well have as its secret subtext Danzig, who has
haughtily proclaimed that he would rather make faceless industrial
albums 'til the cows come home than he would phone his former friends.
     Time out, kids. The facts are these: The Misfits have punk bred in
the bone and could write a two-finger record in their sleep. But one has
to ignore the vocals, whoever's at the mic, as having anyone but Danzig
growl cliches about the devil, bodies rising from the grave and assorted
B-movie titles just comes off as silly. (Danzig is silly with verve, but
let's let Danzig be Danzig)
     The real question is: Can they go beyond a two-star record? The
first side suggests they can, with roiling, saturated riff hunks such as
"Walk Among Us", "Blacklight", and "Resurrection". Then, a la Danzig,
they overreach on the second side, with longer, poppier tracks that
force one face to face with their hopeless corniness("Mars Attacks",
"Don't Open 'Til Doomsday"). Prospects fade. Memo to all parties: Truce,
anyone? (Geffen)
-John Kappes