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***From the "Notes" section of Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine...

Misfits/Samhain followers will find a host of vinyl being cranked out,
mostly limited colored releases, but the list is long so here goes.  Watch
for Misfits - Enter At Your Own Risk Lp, a collection of Misfits greatest
hits, said to be released soon and the first 2,000 with uncensored 10"
sleeves.  And the legendary Misfits box set of 4 rare seven inches is due
soon.  Plus, Glenn uncovered som rare, unreleased Misfits tracks like
"Mephisto Waltz," "Return Of The Fly," and "I Got A Right," which might
come out as a 12" soon.  And the Misfits class 12" Die, Die My Darling will
come out on white vinyl , limited to 500 copies.  Now to Samhain, Glenn by
now has finished the vocals tracks on the new Samhain Lp, yet untitled,
with many major labels hot on the heels of Samhain.  Watch for colored
wax Samhain vinyl--Unholy Passion 12" 200 white/500 red, Initium Lp--500
red, November Coming Fire Lp--500 orange, and in England a November Coming
Fire pic-disc is being made.

August 1987
     The Misfits, Samhain, Danzig?  Yes, that's right, the new band is 
called Danzig.  It has been signed to Def Jam, should be produced by Rick 
Rubin and will feature a cover of Elvis Presley's "Trouble."  Danzig still 
finds Glenn on vocals and Eerie Von on bass and features ace skin man Chuck 
Biscuits on drums.  And the comic book will still come out, as will the 
Misfits box set and Enter at Your Own Risk - Misfits Hits Lp, for which many
wait in anticipation.  Also in the works are plans for the Misfits 2 CD....On
a different note, but still on the subject of the Misfits, Glenn Danzig (along 
with many others) is in hot pursuit of bootleggers of Misfits t-shirts and 

January 1988
     Glenn Danzig has been seen conversing again with man-about-town Rick 
Rubin.  Danzig is apparently writing songs for the legendary Roy Orbison.

April 1988
     Bootleg Misfits records are cropping up like unemployed stock brokers.  
Surfacing primarily in the L.A. area, 7" and 12" discs copped from live 
performance CDs are the current rage.  At least ten were circulating at last 
count.  Having become quite frustrated with these bootleggers as well as those 
reproducing various Misfits and Samhain t-shirt designs, Glenn Danzig is 
starting to take action.  One reason for all the bootlegging is that the 
price of real Misfits vinyl has gone through the roof.  So, while Glenn is in 
the studio working on a new project with Rick Rubin for Def Jam, he is also 
preparing to re-issue three Samhain Lps and a double Lp that will 
come with a comic book, featuring art by Sean Wyett and others.  This should 
coincide with the release of the Samhain CD and the Misfits 2 CD.  With Glenn 
so busy, how long will we be waiting?

July 1988, p.101
     Spotted at Fangoria's horror weekend at the Hyatt by the L.A. airport 
was Dave Vanian of the Damned and his wife, who flew from England just for 
this convention of gore aficionados.  Missing the convention was Glenn Danzig, 
who flew back to New Jersey to perform the live premiere of the new Danzig 
group.  Glenn was in L.A. mixing his new Lp with Rick Rubin.  The Lp will 
include guest backing vocals by Metallica members, who are also in the L.A. 
area finishing up their new Lp before heading out on the massive Monsters of 
Rock stadium tour...

September 1988, p.101
     Glenn Danzig up front with the crowd at one of the first two shows 
with his new band called "Danzig."  Their Lp is out.  Now watch for a 12" of 
unreleased tracks, including a cover of Elvis Presley's "Trouble," to be 
released only in the UK.  With Rick Rubin producing it, you know it'll be a 
(Caption beneath photo of Glenn with crowd...)

November 1988, p.95 the Palladium (again in Los Angeles) Slayer was headlining the first
West Coast performance of Danzig.  The show was sold out, and about 300
people who actually bought tickets were denied entrance because of
overselling.  ...As for the gig, Danzig played an excellent set with full
approval of the crowd, but most of the fans were there for Slayer and the
action was crazed with six or seven pits going at one time.

April 1989
     Danzig is on a crucial touring schedule of the U.S., recently making 
a stop in S.F., where the encore saw Kirk Hammet and James Hetfield (Metallica 
fame-natch) slinging guitars to "Halloween 2."  Not only was it an incredible 
show, but the sound was suprisingly good, too, for a place that's know to be 
"mud sound."  Is world dominance far off?  Watch for Danzig's new video Twist 
of Cain...

June 1989
     Speaking of Danzig, they are in the process of recording seven songs, 
some for the new 12" She Rides and others for their upcoming Lp.  Production 
on the third Danzig video, She Rides, is in the works.  Is the band really 
planning to move?

August 1989
     From the Danzig camp, Glenn and company will be touring the U.S. soon 
and then recording a second Lp for Def American...

September 1989
     Danzig has finished a third video, "She Rides."  Footage was also 
shot for "Am I Demon."  Now that Danzig has relocated west to Smogtown, will 
the madness grow to new heights?

October 1989
     Danzig will be releasing a home video with footage from backstage, 
live performances and various graveyards...

September 1992
     Results from a reader's poll of the "Best Bands of All-Time" --- 
Misfits, ninth place...

September 1995
     For better or for worse, witness the rebirth of The Misfits.  It would 
now appear that original vocalist Glenn Danzig is ass-out as the band recently
placed a classified ad for a new lead singer...

***Other stuff...

March 1987
     The Big Boys will have a 12" released on Plan 9 Records (the Misfits/
Samhain label) that will feature the rare out of print Frat Cars EP...

April 1988 Igor's Record Collection
     Less than Zero Soundtrack review - Put this platter on your turntable, 
side one, fifth track, and ask your friends to guess who the artist is.  No 
guesses so far?  It's Glenn Danzig, and can this guy sing.  Who ever knew 
the guy had so much talent?  He also wrote the song that Roy Orbison sings 
for the Lp.  Except for these two songs and the Bangles track, a cover of 
Simon and Garfunkel's "Hazy Shade of Winter," this Lp is pure junk.  It's a 
terrible shame to hear Slayer butcher "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" and Poison murder 
Kiss' "Rock and Roll All Night."  It's total puke material.  Unless you're a 
Glenn Danzig fan, avoid this black piece of...wax.

November 1988 Pus-Zone
     Though the individual powers of both the Misfits and Samhain are 
unforgettable, those bands are in the past and the new incarnation has arisen.
Glenn Danzig has built up a new unit that's so damn powerful, so relentlessly 
brutal, it staggers the senses just to comprehend.  The ensemble, entitled 
Danzig, drives forth with a new force, an ambitious direction and absolutely 
ferocious power.  Glenn's vocals have matured with age; his croons are 
commanding expressions of the full range of his voice, yet gentle with flavor 
and lasting notes that knock the head back.  Glenn howls with the passion of 
a legend, and that's not a premature statement.  His voice makes this band.  
Still, the music explodes with a vigorous combination of hooks and punches 
that wallop a tight, clean drive; a forceful nucleus of hard rocking energy.  
Chuck Biscuits shows his experience as a drummer with perhaps his best 
performance yet.  He unleashes solid sounds in a full frontal barrage of drum 
smashes and cymbal bashes that exert the charge behind Glenn's vocals.  It's a 
riveting assault that works perfectly in the overall mix.  Guitarist John 
Christ thrusts forward with an abundance of thunderous, slightly bluesy chords 
that rock hard and heavy.  Similarities to the riffs of AC/DC's Angus Young 
are undeniable.  The smooth transition between notes while wailing or whining 
adds even more punch to this already clean sound.  Eerie Von rounds out on 
bass with deep plucks that rumble like hard-hitting commands.  All together 
Danzig provide a heavy dose of pure entertainment that has awesome momentum 
and pile-driving fury.  Tracks like "Twist of Cain," "Am I Demon," "Mother," 
"Not of this World," "The Hunter" and the ballad rhythms or "She Rides" stand 
out among the ten excellent songs presented here.  The superior song writing 
and production by Rick Rubin stokes the fire in the talent here.  It is 
perhaps on of Rick's best jobs to date.  Danzig becomes more impressive with 
every listen, and soon it is bombarding your brain with positive 
reinforcements.  It's definitely a record that is on the threshold of 
something big.  On Def American/Gefffen.

December 1988 Igor's Record Collection
     Misfits Walk Among Us Lp review - You don't care, do you?  You don't care 
about the politics and the problems surrounding this release or even if it's 
just a quick capitalist venture aiming to score bucks on a current cult.  You 
don't care if this is a good review of a bad review, because a review of any 
kind is press that sells and makes money.  You don't care that the press 
release is the stupidest thing ever written and that it doesn't reflect in the 
least who the Misfits truly are.  You don't care if certain band members were 
opposed to this and that there are lawsuits pending.  You don't care that this 
was originally released in 1983, the Misfits broke up in 1984, and it's being 
released because certain bands have supported the Misfits, and those bands are 
big, so "Let's cash in on it all."  All you care about is that you can finally 
get the record and you don't have to pay some outrageous collectors price.  
You're happy, right?

March 1990 Pus-Zone
     Pus-Zone Unofficial Top 100 of the '80's -- #51 Misfits Walk Among Us Lp, 
USA 1982

May 1990 Notes from the Underground
     Promo-pack of the month award goes to New Jersey's Kryst the Conqueror.  
Mo, Doyle (yep, the former Misfit) and company sent us a big spooky black box 
containing a load of custom combo tape/cd/penlight/sticker/cap promo kits.  
Labels and PR agencies who think they have the gumption to top that should 
start shippin'...