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The Skulls (New York)

This New York City band (not to be confused with Joey Shithead's Canadian band or the German Misfits cover band) recorded the Dress Up And Die album with the original lineup before they kicked out Vaux Hall and asked Brian Keats to join. After a national tour and an appearance on the Uncle Floyd Show, Brian left to join Angels In Vain. While still a member of Angels In Vain, he was asked to come back and help the band record the Blacklight 13 album. It was recorded in one night at House Of Music.

# Time Vocals/Guitar Bass Drums
1 1983 Charlie Pip Mike Mindless Vaux Hall
2a 1984 Charlie Pip Mike Mindless Brian Keats
3 1984 Charlie Pip Mike Mindless Ross Davidson
2b 1985 Charlie Pip Mike Mindless Brian Keats

Blacklight 13

  1. Graveyard Signal | Fireball | Beautiful In Black | Trash Princess | Blacklight 13
  2. Devil Doll | Rocket Boulevard | Teenage Honey | Motortest/Skullcrusher | Dracula Driver
LP: Buy Our Records: BOR 12-017 (1985)
Producer: Daniel Rey.
Lineup: [2]

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