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Low Pop Suicide

Low Pop Suicide put out several releases on Dave Allen's World Domination Recordings label. Melle Steagal joined the band after Jeff Ward killed himself. Tony Ruiz and Brian Keats then joined the band temporarily for the recording of the The Death Of Excellence album. Brian and his wife also made a cameo apperance in the promotional video for "Life And Death." After leaving Low Pop Suicide, Brian recorded with Paul Inman and then joined 3 Day Wheely.

# Time Vocals/Guitar Bass Drums
1 1991 - 1993 Rick Boston Dave Allen Jeff Ward
2 1994 Rick Boston Dave Allen Melle Steagal
3 1994 Rick Boston Tony Ruiz Brian Keats
4 1994 Rick Boston Mark Leonard Melle Steagal
    World Domination Recordings: WDPRO 10816               1994
    World Domination Recordings: WD0019-2                  1994
    World Domination Recordings: WDOM012CD                 1995

    1  Bless My Body | Almost Said | Suicide Ego | Zombie | Life And Death
       No Genius | Humbled | More Than This | Philo's Snag | Sheep Clothing
       Face To Face | Tell Them I Was Here | More Than This (remix)

  Format:    CD, Cassette.
  Pressing:  Promo: CD Comes in cardboard box with picture cards, information
                    card, and sticker without Track 13.
             1st:   Released in US.
             2nd:   Released in UK.
  Producer:  Michael Vail Blum.
  Lineup:    [3]
  Notes:     Although pictures of Mark Lenoard and Melle Steagal appear on 
             the CD, neither played on the album.  Brian Keats played drums
             on all songs except "No Genius," "More Than This," and "Sheep's
             Clothing", although he did percussion on "Sheep's Clothing."  
             Former bassist Dave Allen also supplied uncredited guitar and 
             bass on several tracks.
    World Domination Recordings: WDPRO-10820               1994

    1  Life And Death

  Format:    5" CD Single.
  Lineup:    [3]
    World Domination Recordings: WDPRO-10828               1995

    1  Suicide Ego (radio edit)

  Format:    5" CD Single.
  Lineup:    [3]

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