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Before Genocide, Brian Damage and Jet Screamer had been in a short-lived New Jersey band called Propaganda. Brian had also appeared on the Uncle Floyd Show and WFMU with a band called The Systematics, also known as The Strangers. Genocide, who started as a four-piece formed by Brian and Bobby Ebbs, performed in New York City with bands such as The Undead, Bad Brains, and Beastie Boys. In 1982, Wattage (Mike Dempko) joined the band as second guitarist. Jet Screamer (Mickey Barba) left in 1983 when Biggie was replaced by "Rock And Roll" Bob Sexxton. "Pistol" Pete Marshall replaced Wattage and Brian left the band soon afterward. Brian went on to tour with Verbal Abuse and The Misfits. Pete Marshall joined Mourning Noise. The band later released a second album, Reign Of Terror.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 1979 - 1982 Bobby Ebbs Jim Sorenson Jet Screamer Brian Damage
2 1982 - 1983 Bobby Ebbs Biggie Jet Screamer,
Brian Damage
3 1983 Bobby Ebbs Rock And Roll Bob Wattage Brian Damage
4 1983 Bobby Ebbs Rock And Roll Bob Pistol Pete Brian Damage
    Smoke Seven Records: SMK7-104                          1982

    1  Teenage Girls | Manson Youth | Bad Name | Peggy's Got A Problem 
       Gonna Fight | Overthrow The Government | GTO | Syphillis Strain #5 
       Period | And | Endless Party
    2  Tell Me Why | Gas Crisis | Cold Sweat | I Hate Hippies | Angry Youth
       All The Presidents Skin | Fucking Zones | (I Can't Take It ) No More

  Format:    LP.
  Insert:    Lyric sheet.
  Producer:  Genocide.
  Lineup:    [1]                                  (Tracks 2-11) 
             [1] + Inger Lorre: Additional Vocals (Track 1) 
             [MIA]                                (Tracks 12-19)
  Notes:     This release features Genocide on side 1 and MIA on side 2.
    Dirt Records, Inc: DR-003                              1983

    2  Stillborn | Never Nothing

  Format:    LP.
  Pressing:  Various artists compilation album.
  Lineup:    [2] (Live 1983 at Dirt Club; Bloomfield, NJ)

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