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Circle Jerks

Chuck Biscuits was the drummer for the Circle Jerks for about two years and played guitar on a track recorded for the "Repo Man" soundtrack.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
C 1983 - 1984 Keith Morris Earl Liberty Greg Hetson Chuck Biscuits
    Home Video                                             1984

    1  Movie 

  Format:    Video tape.
  Lineup:    [C]
  Notes:     Chuck can be seen for about 15 seconds in one of the scenes of
             the movie playing acoustic guitar.  The Circle Jerks appear as
             a lounge band with Keith Morris on vocals and the other three
             band members playing acoustic guitar.

    San Andreas Records: SAR 39019                         1984

    1  When The Shit Hits The Fan
       Coup D'etat

  Format:    LP.
  Producer:  Abbe Wool / The Circle Jerks ("When The Shit Hits The Fan" only).
  Lineup:    [C] ("When The Shit Hits The Fan" only)
  Notes:     Two Circle Jerks songs are featured on this soundtrack, although
             Chuck is only featured on "When The Shit Hits The Fan."  The 
             version of the song on this soundtrack features Keith Morris on
             vocals and the other band members playing acoustic guitars.
    Flipside Records                                       1993

    1  Agent Orange (live) 
    2  Bad Religion (live)
    3  I Just Want Some Skank | Beverly Hills | Operation | Leave Me Alone
       Junk Mail | Behind The Door | Red Tape | Wasted
       Back Up Against The Wall | Question Authority | Political Stu
       Letterbomb | In Your Eyes | Murder The Disturbed | Under The Gun
       Parade Of The Horribles | Don't Care ("Country Version" - Chuck)

  Format:    Video tape.
  Pressing:  Various artists compilation.
  Live:      [C]            (Part 3: 4/84 at Stardust Ballroom; Hollywood, CA)
             [Agent Orange] (Part 1: 11/10/83 at Music Machine; L.A., CA)
             [Bad Religion] (Part 2 6/1/84 at Olympic Auditorium; L.A., CA)
  Notes:     This original version of the video tape contains less Circle
             Jerk tracks than the newer version which omits the Agent Orange
             tracks.  The new version also has remastered sound.

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