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Baron Jive

While members of Wink, Brian and Michael also had a French cabaret style band which released one album.

# Time Vocals/Bass/Guitar Guitar Drums
1 1992 - 1994 Olivier Le Baron Michael Lockwood Brian Keats
  ----------    ----
    (no label)                                             1996
    Night And Day Records: NDCD 029                        1996

    1  A Night Au Chateau | October Slut | (Put That) Gun Away 
       Take Me Down | Dynamite | Tongue To The Cat | Mas Que Cinco | Too Sad
       Bloody Circus | Amen They Say | Dangerous One

  Format:    CD.
  Pressing:  1st: 250 copies with band listed as Baron Jive and album title
                  of WEIRD LUCK.
             2nd: Released with band listed as LeBaron and album title JIVE.
             Released in France.
  Lineup:    [] + Lizzy Bom:         Vocals
                  Delphine 13:       Bass
                  Damon Fox:         B3
                  Jerry Haaz:        Horns
                  Theo Hakola:       Guitar
                  Lili Hayden:       Violin
                  Brian Keats:       Drums (Tracks 5-6, 9)
                  Olivier Le Baron:  Vocals, bass, drums, guitar
                  Michael Lockwood:  Guitar
                  Phil Parlipiano:   Accordion, banjo, guitar
                  Benedicte Villain: Violin
                  Paul Wallfisch:    Organ
                  Jeff Zimmitti:     Drunken choir
  Notes:     Although this album was recorded between 1992 and 1994, it was
             not released until 1996.

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