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Appendix B - Record Labels

Blank Records / Plan 9 Records

Blank Records was Glenn Danzig's record label. It existed only in 1977 and was responsible for distributing The Misfits' first single. The label was re-named Plan 9 Records in late 1977 after The Misfits made a deal with Mercury Records, who had named one of their sub-labels Blank Records. Plan 9 existed from 1978 until January 1995 when Glenn Danzig was forced to discontinue it as part of the legal settlement with The Misfits and Caroline Records. Glenn had used Plan 9 Records to release albums by The Misfits and Samhain, as well as his solo releases and one EP by The Victims. The first EP by The Undead was also originally supposed to be released on Plan 9. All Plan 9 releases after 1986 were distributed exclusively by Caroline Records. In 1995, Caroline Records began hosting a web page for their Misfits catalog. A full discography is included below.

Blank Records (1977)
49 MacArthur Ave
Lodi, NJ 07644

Plan 9 Records (1981-1983)
P.O. Box 3112
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163

Plan 9 Records (1984)
P.O. Box 41200
Lodi, NJ 07644

Plan 9 Records (1984-1988)
P.O. Box 696
Lodi, NJ 07644

Caroline Records

7" Releases

All 7" singles proposed or released on Plan 9 Records were assigned odd catalog numbers. There were no even-numbered 7" releases.

Blank 101 The Misfits Cough/Cool 1977
PL1001 The Misfits Bullet 06//1978
PL1003 The Misfits Teenagers From Mars 09//1978 (Acetate)
PL1005 The Victims Victims 10//1978
PL1007 The Misfits Who Killed Marilyn? 02//1979 (Acetate)
PL1009 The Misfits Horror Business 06//1979
PL1011 The Misfits Night Of The Living Dead 10//1979
PL1013 The Misfits 3 Hits From Hell 04//1981
PL1015 Glenn Danzig Who Killed Marilyn? 08//1981
PL1017 The Misfits Halloween 10//1981
PL1019 The Misfits Evilive 1982

12" Releases

Although Beware was the first 12" by Plan 9, it was also distributed and marketed by several labels in Europe, and therefore not exclusively a Plan 9 release. Beginning after Beware, all Plan 9 12" releases were numbered sequentially, starting with the unreleased PL9-01 (the album was released on Ruby/Slash instead), and ending with PL9-11.

PLP9 The Misfits Beware 01//1980
PL9-01 The Misfits Walk Among Us Unreleased
PL9-02 The Misfits Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood 12//1983
PL9-03 The Misfits Die, Die My Darling 05//1984
PL9-04 Samhain Initium 08//1984
PL9-05 Samhain Unholy Passion 01//1985
PL9-06 The Misfits Legacy Of Brutality 06//1985
PL9-07 Samhain Samhain III November-Coming-Fire 02//1986
PL9-08 The Misfits Evilive 07//1987
PL9-09 The Misfits Misfits 10//1988
PL9-10 Samhain Final Descent 10//1990 (Acetate)
PL9-11 Glenn Danzig Black Aria 09//1992

Cassette Releases

Glenn numbered cassette release to match the numbers assigned to the 12" equivalent releases. In some cases, he combined two 12" releases onto one cassette.

PL9 CASS 02/3 The Misfits Earth A.D. / Die, Die My Darling 1984
PL9 CASS 04 Samhain Initium 1989
PL9 CASS 04/5 Samhain Initium / Unholy Passion 1986
PL9 CASS 06 The Misfits Legacy Of Brutality 06//1985
PL9 CASS 07 Samhain Samhain III November-Coming-Fire 02//1986
PL9 CASS 08 The Misfits Evilive 07//1987
PL9 CASS 09 The Misfits Misfits 10//1988
PL9-MC10 Samhain Final Descent 10//1990
PL9 CASS 11 Glenn Danzig Black Aria 09//1992

CD Releases

Glenn started numbering Plan 9 CD releases based on the order in which they were pressed (CD1 and CD2 came out first) and then reverted to the standard ordering scheme used for the 12" and cassette releases. For this reason, CD04 and CD09 do not exist. Samhain's Unholy Passion was not released on CD.

PL9-CD1 The Misfits Misfits 1986
PL9-CD2 Samhain Initium 1987
PL9-CD02/3 The Misfits Earth A.D. 04//1992, 1996
PL9-CD06 The Misfits Legacy Of Brutality 10//1989
PL9-CD07 Samhain Samhain III November-Coming-Fire 11//1989
PL9-CD08 The Misfits Evilive 03//1997
PL9-CD10 Samhain Final Descent 10//1990
PL9-CD11 Glenn Danzig Black Aria 09//1992

Cyclopian Music Inc.

In 1987, Jerry Only and Doyle formed a distribution company called Cyclopean Music Inc. They later changed the spelling to Cyclopian. Kryst The Conqueror, The Empire Hideous (featuring Myke Hideous) and Slaughtered Grace (featuring several members of Sardonica) released albums on this label. It was also used to distribute Kryst The Conqueror and Misfits merchandise. The Misfits later released albums on Geffen Records and Roadrunner Records.

Cyclopian Music Inc. (1987-present)
P.O. Box 310
Vernon, NJ 07462
Voice: (973) 764-3737
Fax: (973) 764-6718

Geffen Records

Roadrunner Records

Cassette Releases

MCC-588 Kryst The Conqueror Deliver Us From Evil 1990
HPC-0191 Empire Hideous This Evil On Earth 1991

CD Releases

MCD-588 Kryst The Conqueror Deliver Us From Evil 02//1990
MCD-672 Slaughtered Grace Call This Planet... Slaughtered Grace 1991

Evilive Records

In 1996, Glenn Danzig began a new label, Evilive Records. Danzig released 5Blackacidevil on Hollywood Records in 1996, but the band was soon dropped by the label. In 1999, Glenn signed a distribution deal with Emagine Music.

Evilive Records (1996-present)
P.O. Box 641743
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Voice: (213) 694-0009

Emagine Music

Cassette Releases

HR-62084-2/4 Danzig 5Blackacidevil 10//1996
EMA 61005-2 Danzig 6:66 Satans Child 11//1999

CD Releases

HR-62084-2/4 Danzig 5Blackacidevil 10//1996
N/A Danzig 5Blackacidevil (Limited Edition) 02//1999
EMA 61005-2 Danzig 6:66 Satans Child 11//1999
EMA 61028-2 Samhain Box Set 09//2000

FLX Records / Gotham Records

Steve Zing started this label in 1995 to promote and distribute albums by his band, Chyna. In 1999, Steve Zing changed the name to Gotham Records.

FLX Records (1995-1999)
P.O. Box 948
Lodi, NJ 07644-0948
Voice: (973) 778-4057

Gotham Records (1999-present)
P.O. Box 948
Lodi, NJ 07644-0948
Voice: (973) 778-4057

CD Releases

FLX 001 Chyna In The Night 12//1995
FLX 002 Chyna Chyna 11//1996
FLX 003 Chyna Chyna 11//1997
Gotham Records Chyna Chyna 07//1999


Ashley Morance started this label in 1982 to distribute Mourning Noise's releases. It was also used to distribute the Steve Zing solo single and I'm Afraid demos.

Nightlatche (1986)
1c Marion Pepe Dr.
Lodi, NY 07644

7" Releases

Nightlatche Mourning Noise Dawn Of The Dead 1982
Nightlatche Ashley Morance Ashley Morance 1982
Nightlatche Steve Zing Runaway 1986

Cassette Releases

Nightlatche I'm Afraid I'm Afraid 1989

Post Mortem Records

Bobby Steele formed this label in 1982 to distribute Undead releases. Post Mortem Records also distributed the Times Square album.

Post Mortem Records (1982-present)
P.O. Box 358
New Milford, NJ 07646

7" Releases

PM 1001 The Undead 9 Toes Later 1983
PM 1002 The Undead Verbal Abuse 1983
PM 1003 The Undead Never Say Die 11//1985

12" Releases

LP001 The Undead Never Say Die! 1989
LP002 The Undead Act Your Rage! 05//1989

Cassette Releases

C-001 The Undead Never Say Die! 03//1987
C-002 The Undead Act Your Rage! 05//1989
N/A The Undead The Undead 1995

Video Releases

N/A The Undead Live At The Covered Wagon 1989

Distributed Releases

SHAG CD 1001 The Undead Dawn Of The Undead 1991
Live 119, 119CD The Undead Live Slayer 1992
LEVI 129 The Undead Invisible Man 1992
PS001 Times Square Learn It 1997
UWR 008 The Undead Til Death! 1998

Reel Life Horror Records

Dr. Chud formed this record label in 1994 to distribute his Sacred Trash album.

Reel Life Horror Records (1994)
P.O. Box 16
Lodi, NJ 07644

Cassette Releases

RLHR 1001 Sacred Trash Sacred Trash 1994

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